ANTWERP, DEC 23 -- Belgian Federal Police flight manager Jan Verbruggen pilots a federal police drone next to a helicopter on the airfield in Brasschaat, near Antwerp, Belgium, December 23, 2015. The first drone to be used by Belgian Federal Police can fly at 135 km/h, up to 2km high and will be deployed to watch over crime scenes, respond to threats, and look for missing people, according to Belgian Federal Police. REUTERS/UNI PHOTO -23R

India Legal Had Asked Some Tough Questions on Drone Regulations; Now DGCA Has Issued Guidelines For Drones

It was in the January 31 issue that India Legal did a cover story on drones and the lack of regulation for them in the civilian sector. This, we reported, could lead to security hazards and mishaps in the air. And in a surprising and positive move on April 21, 2016, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation released strict draft guidelines for drone operators. This would not only regulate this untamed industry, but will allow drones to get a Unique Identification Number and a UA Operator’s Permit akin to planes.

This is a step in the right direction and should be hailed especially so when the International Civil Aviation Organization will come up with guidelines for civilian drones only in 2018. Worldwide UAV production is expected to soar from the present $4 billion annually to $93 billion in the next 10 years. The DGCA guidelines have been distributed to stakeholders for a period of 21 days before a Civil Aviation Requirement comes up.

Here is the story published on India Legal website; and featured on India Legal magazine (January 31st, 2016)

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sdanand new

Minister of Law and Justice, Sadananda Gowda, Responds To India Legal Article

On April 29th, 2016, India Legal conducted an exclusive interview of Senior lawyer and politician Ram Jethmalani. In that interview, he had claimed that Indian Government doesn’t want to spend money on Indian judiciary.

Ram Jethmalani said, “India needs to increase the number of courts and judges by 16 times. But, the government does not want to spend money on the judiciary and its infrastructure. That is why cases go on for so many years. It is a scandal. We do not have sufficient judges.”

When we mentioned this article to  Minister of Law and Justice, Sadananda Gowda on Twitter, he responded by tweeting, “We don’t agree. Close to Rs. 2000 cr per annum is spent on Judiciary by Centre and State Governments..”.

You can read the entire interview of Ram Jethmalani published on India Legal here.

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Panama Leaks

#PanamaLeaks Story In ‘India Legal’ Gets Featured On Leading Newspapers Across India

Veteran journalist Ajith Pillai wrote a scathing story  on #PanamaLeaks in India Legal Magazine. The story was picked up by leading newspapers and publications across India, and featured prominently due to the depth and intensity of the research into the black money trail and corruption.

Times of India said, “The article quotes Professor Jason Hickel of the London School of Economics (LSE), as saying that tax havens “collectively hide one-sixth of the world’s private wealth.”

Panama Leaks

Meanwhile, Yahoo India quoted, “The ‘India Legal’ article also quotes an unidentified official in the know of the earlier crackdowns on black money, as saying that the “root of the problem is that big international banks and financial institutions thrive on funds from tax havens.”

In their story, Sify said, “Some of the prominent Indians whose names figure in the so-called ‘Panama Papers’ include Supreme Court lawyer Harish Salve, veteran film actor Amitabh Bachchan and his actress daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,India Bulls owner Sameer Gehlaut, DLF promoter K. P. Singh and Adani Group chairman Gautam Adani.”

You can read the entire story penned by Ajith Pillai here.

Here is the list of all newspapers which picked up this story:,%20says%20India%20Legal%20article.html

Image Source: Indian Express

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India Legal Mou with NLU

India Legal Signs MoU With NLU- News Covered Across Leading News Papers

Earlier this month, India Legal & APN News signed an MoU with National Law University for strategic partnership in covering legal news and opinions.

News about this MoU was featured across leading newspapers and media outlets, with quote from Editor-in-Chief Inderjit Badhwar featuring prominently.

Indian Express said, “Badhwar described the NLU as a “Make-in-India” success story, and added that not only will students and faculty participate and help in moving the content of the India Legal magazine forward, but they will also participate in seminars, discussion groups, reconstruction of trialsfrom the moot court on their campus which will be aired on television channels via campus-based students and broadcast facilities.”

India Legal Mou with NLU

Meanwhile Times of India wrote: “India’s first politico-legal fortnightly ‘India Legal’ has expanded its reach by adapting its stories to its sister concern APN News TV..”

Yahoo India covered this story, by stating, “He (Inderjit Badhwar) said that India Legal has signed an agreement with the National Law University (NLU) on April 13 for a joint venture that will see students, faculty, journalists, foreign law schools like Columbia and Harvard, and visiting professors being involved with legal news and opinions.”

NLU campus

Here are all the publications and media outlets which featured this story:


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